By Amy A. Hargreaves, USA Today The digital wallet MyDigitalWallet will launch in June with an estimated monthly cost of $100, according to the company’s new website. 

The service allows users to buy, sell, and store digital content, including digital albums, movies, and apps. 

MyDigitalWallet has also announced that the company is launching a new mobile app that allows users on Android and iOS to make payments from their phone.

The app has been available for download on the App Store since April, and the company says it has over 3 million active users. 

“The app is a great way to keep up with your favorite artists, listen to your favorite music, shop for your favorite products, and more,” MyDigitalShelf CEO Michael C. Gollop said in a statement.

“MyDigitalShelo has always been about creating the best digital wallet for artists and fans.

Now we’re bringing it to you in a new way.” 

My Digital Wallet was originally created as a crowdfunding platform for the digital music industry in 2015.

Grollo says that the app was originally designed to help artists, but quickly expanded into other digital content. 

In a statement to the AP, MyDigital wallet said the launch was “a real milestone for and our team.” 

The company also launched a website in April to help users set up their MyDigital Wallet account, and plans to continue expanding its mobile app and offering a range of other digital services. 

Gollop says the launch of the MyDigital app was also “an amazing way to connect with fans and engage them in the industry.”