Digital Combat Simulator, the first-person digital combat simulator for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, has been updated with new maps, a new game mode, and a new set of gameplay elements.

The updated version of the game is available to pre-order for $40 on Steam, with the $70 tier offering all the same features.

You can find the latest patch notes for the game below:A new map has been added, “The Last Frontier,” which is “one of the most expansive, beautiful, and visually stunning areas we’ve ever made,” according to developer Digital Combat Simulation.

It’s an “unmissable destination for any and all types of players, regardless of experience level or skill.”

The game also has new modes for “Versus” and “Matchmaking.”

The former is “a team-based game where teams fight for their respective flag” and the latter is “where players battle against each other.”

The latest update also fixes an issue that prevented the game from starting automatically on Windows 10 PCs with the latest drivers.