Founder of digital tune software company DigitalTune Software, which created the digital torque wrenches, has died, company president Mark Tatum has confirmed.

Mark Tatum, founder and CEO of DigitalTunes, who has worked with Apple on a series of electric power tools, died from natural causes on Sunday, the company confirmed.

He was 77.

Tatum started DigitalTuned in 1967 and it became the company’s first digital tuner in 1977.

He joined Apple in 1984 as vice president of software engineering.

In 2004, Apple bought the company and it went into private equity.

The company said he was a pioneer in the use of software to control devices and to enhance digital functionality.

“DigitalTunes is a pioneer and pioneer in software and automation in the digital industry,” it said in a statement.

“Mark made a huge contribution to the development of digital tuners and tools and his legacy lives on in DigitalTuning, which continues to innovate and push boundaries.”

Mr Tatum had spent his career in the software industry and founded a number of companies including DigitalTuner and DigitalTUNE in the 1960s.

In 2006, he joined Apple, where he was an architect for the software company’s iWork suite, which helped Apple develop its iWork mobile app.

In 2014, he left Apple to become chief executive of Digital Tunes.