Electric drills can be handy when you need to dig out a hole, or to clear a hole you can’t access from a nearby road.

The digital torque wrenches, however, are a different animal.

Here are five ways to use them.1.

Electric drill with a screwdriverThe first and easiest method is to just use an ordinary screwdriver to remove the top of the drill head.2.

Drill a hole in the back of a carIf you’re planning on installing a battery pack in your car, it’s a good idea to drill a hole through the back window of your car.3.

Use a drill press to drill into the side wall of a wall outletIf you need a bit more precision, you can use a drill-press to drill through the side walls of walls, wall-mounted outlets, and any other outlet.4.

Use an electric jack to jack into your power outletIf your home is wired to a utility, you may want to drill the electrical line through a wall to reach your power source.

The most common method is with a jack, but some electricians use a jack-and-switch type device to drill out an outlet’s side wall, as well.5.

Use your drill press with a drill bitThe next best method is a small drill bit, which can be used to drill or tap into the ground with a variety of sizes.

The smaller the bit, the easier it is to drill with.

However, if you’re using the drill to tap into a hole or to get a deeper penetration, be sure to use a bit with a sharp edge.