Lego Digital Designers new digital designer, Alex Dolan, has been chosen to create a game based on digital combat sim, Lego Digital Combat Simulator.

According to the Lego Group, Dolan is an “adviser” on digital content and strategy.

Lego Digital Battle, a digital digital game based around a Lego set, was first revealed in 2017, and it has since been released as a digital download for a wide range of platforms.

Dolan has also previously worked on Lego Dimensions, a game that was created to explore the potential of Lego sets in the world of virtual reality. 

As for what this digital battle game will be, the Lego Digital Art Director told Polygon: “This game is a digital combat experience that combines real-time tactical combat and the use of Lego pieces.

We’re creating a real-world LEGO set in the virtual world.”

Dolan said that he was excited about the opportunity to help the LEGO Digital Art Team deliver the best LEGO game possible. 

“This is a game I’m really looking forward to creating,” Dolan told Polygons “We’re going to be creating a game where you can interact with Lego pieces that you can see in-game and see them play a part in a fight,” he said. 

According to the LEGO Group, the digital battle sim will be free-to-play.

This means that players will have to pay to unlock new content. 

In the meantime, Doran said that the game will have “legacy play modes that players can unlock with LEGO sets, and they’ll have to play through it again to earn the special Lego items.” 

Lego Digital Art director Alex Dola said that a lot of the design decisions will be based around the design of the pieces. 

The LEGO core of the game is the way the Lego bricks look, and the way they interact with the game.” “

We really wanted to have a feel for the Lego building that you’ll see in the game.

The LEGO core of the game is the way the Lego bricks look, and the way they interact with the game.” 

The game will feature “multi-player multiplayer, where you’ll fight against other players,” Dola added. 

When the game launches in 2019, players will be able to “play against other characters and other players, or against the Lego army and its members,” Dolas added.