Digital cameras are finally hitting the streets in Australia and Queensland.

As a result of this, NRL players and staff have been given the option to carry digital cameras on their shoulders to take pictures with family and friends.

But digital cameras have now become a real issue for NRL players as the competition faces a potential loss of revenue from the loss of camera use.

The NRL is now looking to digital solutions to keep the game going and to protect its players and game-day operations from the digital revolution, according to a new report from Digital Life Australia.

It is not the first time the NRL has looked to digital camera technology to keep its games going, and it may not be the last.

The NRL recently had to change its camera system for the 2016 season to allow players to take their cameras with them on the field, after an incident involving a player.

The game is still struggling with camera problems, but it is unlikely that any major changes will be made until a major technology change is made, according the report.

But there is some good news for NRL fans.

A digital camera system will now be used at all of the major stadiums across the country, and the NRL will also be able to use digital cameras at some of its regional codes and stadiums.

Digital Life Australia’s chief executive, Ian Maclean, said the technology will be used in stadiums across Queensland and NSW to keep fans connected with the game, as well as in other key areas, such as the State of Origin game.

“We expect the digital camera to be deployed in all major Australian stadiums by 2021, as the new camera technology is available in a number of stadiums and facilities around the country,” Maclean said.

“This is a massive milestone in the evolution of the NRL as we look to the future of our sport.”

The NRL has always been the pioneer in the use of digital technology and it is an opportunity to get ahead of the curve.

“He said digital cameras were already in use at NRL stadiums and that the technology would soon be available at other NRL facilities across Australia.”

New Zealand and South Africa are also in the pipeline to introduce the use in stadiums.””

Digital cameras have also been used at other venues in the Australian capital, including the Melbourne Cricket Ground and Canberra Stadium.”

New Zealand and South Africa are also in the pipeline to introduce the use in stadiums.

“Digital cameras also will be deployed at other major rugby league matches across the world, including at the 2018 World Cup in England, and at the 2020 Rugby League World Cup.

But Digital Life says it is not likely that digital cameras will be available in the NRL stadiums for all games.”

Due to the ongoing NRL digital development, it is expected that digital camera use will continue to grow in the future,” MacLean said.