The latest version of Microsoft Windows 8, which launched in February, has been criticized for failing to protect users from malicious software on PCs and Macs.

The latest version, which Microsoft released in June, also failed to prevent users from being locked out of their accounts by using the “lock” option.

The “lock,” as it is called, is the same as “unlock” in the operating system and is the default option when users attempt to log in using the Windows Keychain.

It has also been reported that users have been locked out after using the lock feature.

Microsoft said the lock was introduced as part of a broader effort to ensure that Windows users can use Windows without the use of malware, but the lock is still being used by malware.

The lock has been widely criticized and the problem has been reported on several popular security forums.

The lock was first described by security expert David F. Smith, who wrote in a blog post that users could use the lock to gain access to their account without their knowledge or permission.

The locks feature has been disabled by default in Windows 8.

It was also announced in August that Microsoft was revamping its security features to address the lock issue.

Microsoft released a patch for Windows 8 last week, and it is available for download.

The Windows Keychains feature is still available in Windows 7, but it requires users to install the “Security Center” applet, which requires a login.

Users who do not want to install this applet will have to disable it in Windows settings.

Users should also be aware that the Lock Lock feature can also be used to prevent access to an account, according to Microsoft.

Users who use the Lock lock feature can change their password using the Settings applet.

This can also take place in the Lock settings menu.

Users can also change the password using a combination of the Lock Unlock and Lock Lock Lock settings.

Microsoft has also implemented a new security feature to protect against remote hacking.

The feature, called “Anti-malware” allows users to configure Windows to automatically block malicious software.

Microsoft said the feature is only available in the following countries:The Lock Lock functionality has been updated in Windows 10 to provide users with a more secure option for locking out their accounts.

Users can now choose to lock out their account using the Lock option or to “unlocked” their account with the Lock unlock option.

This is the first major update for Windows 10, which has been out for months and is expected to come out in the coming weeks.

It includes many bug fixes and improvements, including a revamped Start menu, a revamped Windows Store, and improvements to Cortana.