NEW YORK — The digital scale of Frozen’s Frozen Elsa has been updated to the digital scale, and the soundtrack is now in stereo.

The new Frozen Elsa was released on November 8.

For a new Elsa, the album has been upgraded to the “Digital Scale” version of the song.

While Frozen Elsa’s Elsa and Anna are both from Arendelle, the song was released in the original Disney version of Elsa and her sister Anna, which has a different music video.

There are also new songs on the album, including a new version titled “Anna and the Snow Queen.”

The new version features new characters, a new theme song, and new characters from the animated series.

The new Elsa and the other characters are voiced by Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Ida Berenson, and Andy Samberg.

The music video, directed by John Lasseter, features new songs by James L. Brooks, Anna Saldana, and Kristen Bell.