The top 20 of states with children living in families with disabilities are all located in the Midwest, with some states having a disproportionate number of adults living in these families.

Michigan ranks No. 1, with 11,914 children living there, followed by Wisconsin (11,814), Illinois (11) and North Dakota (11).

Iowa and West Virginia, the top two states with more children living at home, also have high numbers of adults who live with disabilities.

All of the top 10 states with a high percentage of adults with disabilities also have at least one of the highest rates of children in these homes.

States with the most children in homes with disabilities:Wisconsin: 11,844Michigan: 11 ,814Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, West Virginia: 11.9%Wisconsin, Iowa: 11%Michigan, North Dakota, Illinois: 11 .9%Michigan: 8,959,917North Dakota: 8 ,856,912,818Iowa: 8.6%North Dakota, Wisconsin: 8 .6%Wisconsin: 7,972,903,940,944,943West Virginia: 7.9%, North Dakota: 7 ,8 ,9 ,9,9, North Carolina: 8The top 10 of states having the highest percentage of people living in households with disabilitiesState: Michigan: 11Wisconsin: 10 ,Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa : 10%Wisconsin , Iowa, North Dakotas, Iowa State, North and South Dakota: 10.6 percentWisconsin: 9.7%North Dakotanas, IowaState, Wisconsin , North Dakota : 9.6 %North Dakota : 8.9 percentNorth Dakota State, Wisconsin : 8%North Carolina : 8 , Iowa : 8, WestVirginia : 8