The digital dash is the future of the desktop, and Apple is taking advantage of the technology to make it easier for users to navigate through digital content.

Digital dash has always been a hot topic in computing circles, with Apple announcing this month that it will be launching Siri as an app, and Microsoft launching a similar app.

Now Apple is offering the dash as a standalone app, with a few important differences.

The dash is not only easier to navigate, but it’s also more flexible.

Apple has also designed the dash to work in the background, meaning it works even when a desktop app is inactive, and it can be used in portrait mode when it’s not available.

Siri will also show up on the desktop as a separate icon, just like its desktop counterpart.

Apple says this is to make the dash easier to use when people are doing things in portrait.

Apple says Siri is available for all platforms, but will only work with certain platforms in the U.S.

Apple’s Dash app is now available on the Mac App Store, and the desktop version will be available later this month.

Apple said it is also rolling out a beta version for Android phones in the coming days.

The app will let users easily find what they are looking for, whether they’re in the same location, or in different cities.

Users can also tap the “Explore” icon to search for content by name or city, as well as view a list of available search terms.

Apple is offering up a free app called “Digital Dash,” which lets users search for news, weather, entertainment, sports, weather apps, and more.

Users can also find apps that let them view maps, track their workouts, and create a digital calendar.

Apple is also making it easier to track your progress in the Dash app, by showing you a bar graph of your current distance, speed, and time, as you navigate.

You can also view what other people have seen in the dash.

Apple describes the feature as “a way to share a dash with a friend.”

The dash’s functionality has also been enhanced by the app’s new location sharing functionality.

When you tap the icon in the app, you will see a new area in the bottom left of the app with information about your location.

In this area, you can share information about the location of the location with other people who have the Dash account, including friends who have logged into the Dash for the same device.

This allows other people to see where you are, and share your location with others.

When you tap “Share” on the location sharing area, a group of friends or strangers will appear in the top right of the Dash, along with the location data you share.

When a person in your group shares the location information with other members of your group, they will see the shared location information appear in their own Dash.

If you share the same physical location with someone, they can now share the location details of anyone who has the same account.

You can also share the details of other people on a given device by adding them to the group.

The app can also tell you whether other people can see the location, even if they don’t have the account for that device.

Apple has also added a “Search for Dash” feature to the Dash.

When the app is open, you’ll see a map in the upper left of your screen, showing the current location of any person who has added the Dash to their list of friends, as long as they’re on the same network.

The map shows your current location, speed and distance, as if you were searching for the location on the map.

The Dash app can now be used to access content stored on the cloud.

Apple’s Dash is not available for Windows PCs, but iOS devices are now supported.

Users who want to access and search content on the web can do so by using a Web browser extension.

The extension, called Apple Dash, lets users open web pages and browse them using Siri.

If you’re using iOS, you may want to enable the extension for the Dash by searching for it on the Safari web browser.

The web page is then accessible via Siri.

Apple also launched a new version of its app called iMessage.

The new iMessage app allows users to receive messages from Siri and send messages through Messages.

You’ll see an arrow pointing to your message, and you can reply or forward it to others.

Messages can be received on any iOS device, as soon as it’s installed on the device.