A viral video showing a young girl being shot multiple times by a police officer has gone viral and sparked a debate about police use of force.

The video, which shows a baby being restrained by a group of officers in the back of a patrol car in a rural Texas town, sparked a nationwide conversation about police accountability and how they use force.

Here are some of the questions we have been asking about the video.

What happened to the baby?

The video was posted on YouTube on Sunday, two days after the death of Jamar Clark, a black teen shot by a white police officer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

It was quickly shared more than 100,000 times and had been viewed more than 2.3 million times by Monday.

Authorities said Clark died on Monday at a hospital.

But several police officials said the child was shot by an officer who used an electronic stun gun and an air gun, which do not cause permanent brain damage.

It is unclear why the boy was shot.

Authorities are still investigating whether there was any other suspects.

What caused the boy’s injuries?

Some of the police officials say the boy suffered from an acute, chronic condition called encephalitis, a rare infection that causes seizures and other neurological issues.

Encephalitis is typically caused by bacteria or viruses that live in the brain.

A doctor who treated the boy said the condition was caused by a “virus” in the boy, who was taken to a hospital for treatment on Sunday.

It’s unclear how serious the boy is, but his family has said the boy had epilepsy, which is a neurological disorder.

Is there a connection to the death in Baton Loveland?

A law enforcement official said that is not a factor in the death.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

What was the motive for the killing?

A Facebook page called #JusticeForJamar and an online petition calling for the arrest of the officer who killed the baby had more than 3,000 signatures by Monday afternoon.

The petition was started by a woman who identified herself as Jamar’s mother and said she was upset by the police department’s handling of the case.

The officer, who is white, is white and the baby is black, the woman said.

The account is being used as a rallying cry for protests in the wake of Clark’s death.

In an interview on CNN, the mother of the child who died said her son had epilepsy and was suffering from it.

The child’s family has disputed the police account and called for an independent investigation.

A Facebook post that included the petition and an account of the mother’s account was removed, but it was reposted on Monday by another account, with the same message.

What does this case tell us about police shootings in the United States?

The case has prompted questions about how police departments handle shootings by officers.

It also underscores the growing number of cases of people being shot by officers in police custody, even though it is legal for police to use force to apprehend suspects.

The U.S. Justice Department said in its report that in 2016, 1,619 people were killed by police officers in public shootings, but that number is expected to climb in 2017.

It found that while officers often use force only after being informed of an imminent threat, some people in custody may be in imminent danger, including those in a car with a child.