Digital asset investor and CEO of digital asset investment firm Digital Asset Partners, David McKeown, told CoinDesk that he believes the Xbox One will be a very successful platform.

“This is a platform that can be bought for $500.

If you think about how many games there are out there, I think that’s a lot of money,” McKeow said.

McKeown also spoke about his relationship with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and his hopes for a future relationship with the company.

“I don’t know how many times I have said to Satya, ‘I hope you do a great job at Microsoft’,” McKeon said.

“He’s always been very supportive of our company.

So I’ve never been surprised at the response we’ve received.””

I think the biggest thing that [Microsoft] has done is they’ve created a very loyal fan base, a very vocal fan base that really loves the games they play.

I think they’ve done that through the years.

I’ve always thought the biggest benefit to the company is that it provides a lot more stability and stability for developers.”

And so I think it’s been a very good move.

“McKeow also shared his vision for how the Xbox one platform will be integrated with other platforms in the future.”

Microsoft is really one of the most important platforms in this space. “

But right now, Microsoft is the only platform that I think has the potential to bring that.”

Microsoft is really one of the most important platforms in this space.

So there’s definitely an opportunity to bring the Xbox platform to other platforms.

“Digital asset investment investor and Microsoft boss Satya Nikoliakovic has also said that he wants to make the Xbox hardware more appealing to developers and consumers.

Mckeown told CoinCap that he hopes that Microsoft will be able to help developers reach more people through the Xbox app and through the console itself.”

In the next few years, I hope Microsoft will build a relationship with developers and they will help developers build more interesting games,” he told Coin.

McEow said that there are a number of reasons why he thinks Microsoft is a good fit for digital asset investors.”

First and foremost is the fact that they are a big, rich company that can make a lot, if not all of its revenue from games,” Mckeow said, adding that Microsoft has also made great strides in digital asset technology and the Xbox game business.”

The Xbox One and the Microsoft ecosystem is really something that is really attractive to developers,” he continued.”

So, the more they can sell their games on the platform, the better off developers will be.””

Second, Microsoft has a really strong track record in games and video games in general,” he added.”

It’s very strong in games, it’s very robust in games.

I believe they are very much in the top tier of game developers.””

And third, Microsoft’s business is pretty much tied to Xbox, so there’s a very strong relationship there,” McKeeow said of Microsoft.”

If you look at the numbers on games, the Xbox 360 was the best-selling game console in history.

It sold more than 3.2 million units.

And the Xbox 1 was the fastest selling console ever.””

So you can’t argue that the Xbox is not one of those franchises,” McKayeow said about Microsoft’s ability to support the Xbox franchise.”

That’s why Microsoft is an important company in the world of video games.

“The Xbox and the next-gen console have also been the focus of a recent PR push for the Xbox, with Microsoft’s chief digital officer David Paul and Xbox chief marketing officer Jason Greenberg speaking at an event at Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington headquarters earlier this month.

McKeeown has previously been bullish about the Xbox and its future, saying that Microsoft is likely to become a huge player in the next generation of video game consoles, with the new console’s ability of playing games on multiple platforms.”

Next-gen consoles are going to have a lot in common with the Xbox,” Mckeeow said at a press conference last year.”

They’re going to be connected to the Internet, so that’s going to create a new way for gamers to interact with games.

And you’re going be able, through this new platform, to connect games to games that you already own and share them across multiple platforms, and so I see that as a big opportunity for Microsoft.””

Now, the question is how are they going to do that?” he added, adding “the only way is through games.

“McKieow also talked about the role digital assets can play in games development, saying the Xbox’s Digital Asset Platform is an “important part” of the console.”

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