WASHINGTON — Walgills digital coupons are now available to customers on the web, allowing them to redeem coupons online, even when they are out of stock at the retailer.

Walgreens said it started offering coupons to customers last month on its online marketplace, where customers can browse and select their favorite items to be added to a store’s digital coupon list.

The company said it had more than 3 million coupons in circulation as of Nov. 3.

To be eligible for the coupons, customers must have a Walgreen digital coupon or have purchased at least $50 worth of merchandise, according to Walgros online store.

The coupons are available on select products, such as groceries and beverages.

The retailer said it will add more coupons in the future, including to its storewide digital coupon menu, which will include clothing, furniture, household products, home decor and more.

The coupon program is available only in the U.S.

A Walgrest website banner that includes a coupon.