India has launched a Rs. 15-billion (US$1.7 billion) camera project, which will see a camera mounted on a mobile phone to capture images of the environment.

The government’s announcement on Wednesday said the project, known as the “Smart Camera,” will be based on technology developed by Google’s (GOOG) Motorola Mobility unit and be a joint venture between the company and Tata Advanced Research Institute (TARI).

The initiative, which is expected to cost around $1 billion, will be funded by the state government and will be operational by 2020, said the announcement.

Tari, the Indian arm of Google’s Android operating system, has been working with TAI in India for some time and will use the technology to develop the camera, which has the ability to capture 360-degree panoramic images, according to Tari.

Google has already launched a similar camera in India, which it dubbed the “Google Glass.”

Google’s new smartphone, the Pixel, was launched in the country in January.