Choose Dell Digital Calipers, Calipers and Locksets from the Dell digital card store.

The online Dell store lists both digital and analog calipers.


Look at the calipers to determine the best digital caliper for you.


Look for the Digital Calender on the top of the caliper.

If you have multiple digital calipers, check out the Digital Locking Calculator below to find the best one for you and your needs.

If not, try searching on Google to find one that best suits your needs and needs you.


Choose a digital calicer to match the size of your Dell card.


Use the Digital Card Calculator to calculate your Dell digital wallet.


You can purchase a digital wallet and a digital card at the same time.


Use your Dell wallet or digital card to transfer funds to your Dell online shopping cart and save money.


Check out our Dell Digital Wallet or Digital Card Savings Guide to see how you can save on your digital wallet at Walmart.


If your Dell cards expire or are no longer available, the Digital Cash Back offer is still valid on your current card and you will receive the full amount on the card you are using to make payments.


Keep your Dell credit card on file for your next billing cycle.

Dell offers you the option to pay off your old card and transfer it to your new card.

This is called an extended credit card or extended cashback.


Use this link to apply for a Dell credit or debit card: https://www.dell.com/en-us/credit-cards/credit/credit cards/credit/?id=5e8aff6c-5b5f-4c4d-b1df-c08d6e6e4b6c&fuseaction=refresh&fqid=0f7b1ea2-2b7e-4e8d-a3dd-f4b5bcef9b5d 2.

To pay off a Dell card, make your first payment of the billing cycle and pay with your new credit card.

3 and 4.

You must apply for both the credit card and the cashback offer at the Dell online store.

5 and 6.

Apply for both offers, and choose the one that fits your needs best.

7 and 8.

Make your first, and only, payment of your new Dell card and pay it with your existing card.

9 and 10.

Apply and pay for the credit and cashback with your old Dell card at Walmart or the Dell store.


After the credit is issued, your new Card will be charged back for any remaining balance on your old Card.


Make the payment on your new Cash Back Card and receive the Cash Back amount for your old cashback card.


After you receive your Cash Back, transfer your old Cash Back Balance to your Cashback Cashback Card and get your new cashback balance.


You will receive a $25 Cash Back Cashback credit for the first $50 in your Cash back balance.


After a Cash Back payment is made, you will not receive any Cash Back at all until you pay off the balance.


Make Cash Back payments using your old and new Cash back balances.


You have up to two Cash Back offers on your card at a time, and you can make Cash Back Payments on both your Cash and Cash Back balances at the time of making your first Cash Back Payment.


You may receive a Cashback refund when your old cards expire, or you may receive an Extended Cashback payment when your new cards expire.


If a new Dell Card is issued to you and you do not renew the old card or transfer your existing Dell card to the new Dell, the Cashback offer will expire on the new card and will not be honored.


If an Extended Dell Cashback card is issued and you cancel your previous Dell Card before you receive the new Cashback or Extended Cash Back card, you may have a $50 Cash Back credit for your unused Cashback balance on the old Dell Card.


You should have a CashBack balance of $50 or more when you cancel an old Dell and start a new one.

If the old cash back card is not renewed or transferred to the newly issued Dell, you do NOT receive any cash back at all.


You cannot redeem cash back on your existing cashback account for Cashback.


You do not have to redeem cash or cash back for credit.


You are eligible for an extended cash back rebate if your cashback payment equals or exceeds $75 and you have no outstanding balance on any old Dell Cards or Cash Back Cards.


You MUST pay off all old Dell