With the digital age of digital cameras and smartphones, it can be a little hard to tell a digital picture apart from the original.

The problem comes when you are trying to find the source of a digital photo.

When a photo comes to you on an app, website, or in a tweet, it is typically a snapshot of a person’s face taken by a camera that captures a single image of a subject.

If you want to know who took the photo and where, you must find the original source of the image, and the digital image will not tell you the identity of the person who took it.

This is where the source is sometimes referred to as the “original” or “real” source.

But how do you find the real source?

Digital photo experts say it is more than just finding the original photo source, it also involves looking for other digital photographs of the same subject taken by the same camera and using an algorithm to determine whether the image is of a “real source.”

“You need to have a very good sense of what the original photographer was thinking about,” says Rob McBride, who heads digital image and digital image processing at Fujifilm.

“If the image in the photo looks a little like the original, you know the source was a photographer with a very clear sense of the subject’s facial features and facial expressions.”

The source of your photo can help determine whether it is a “good” source or not.

The good source will tell you where the original was taken.

The bad source can tell you which of the original images is the real thing, and which of these are not.

It can also tell you if there are any other digital images of the exact same subject.

These images can help you determine whether they are of the “same subject.”

If you find a photo that looks like a real source, but you don’t know its identity, the image might be of a photograph that has been altered.

In that case, the digital camera’s algorithm can find out the source and determine if the image was altered.

There are a number of other ways to identify the real photo source.

The source may be of the individual, or the organization, or a combination of the three.

For example, if you know that the photo is taken by someone from a photo studio, and you know who they work for, you can use the name of the photographer to identify that source.