The iPhone 7 may be the most significant change to Apple’s hardware line-up since the iPhone 5s and 6s, but what the new iPhone has in store for us is a bit more subtle.

While Apple has been busy with the launch of its iPhone 7, there are still plenty of ways we can get a better understanding of the new device and its features, starting with the design.

The iPhone 7 is a “new” iPhone 7 and not a “modern” iPhone 6.

This is in part because Apple has made the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus a bit thinner and lighter, while introducing new features that make them feel more like the iPhone we know and love.

The iPhone 6 also had a slightly taller and wider screen than the iPhone 4s, while the iPhone 8 Plus introduced a much slimmer bezel around the screen.

We know the iPhone has the biggest screen of any iPhone since the Galaxy S8, but the iPhone X’s larger screen (at 5.7 inches) may actually make it look bigger than it actually is.

There are a few other things Apple has done that make it a bit different from previous iPhones, including an expanded camera lineup, a new Face ID fingerprint scanner, a redesigned camera app, and an even more premium display.

And for now, the new iPhones are the most affordable of the iPhone line-ups, too, with pricing starting at $999.