An old friend has returned to the grocery store to get groceries, but instead of getting the groceries he wanted, he gets an unexpected surprise: an email from a company that’s cropping photos for his digital camera.

The email is from a new company called Kodak Digital, which is making digital images for digital cameras.

The company is the brainchild of the husband-and-wife team of brothers Steve and Jeff Kroger.

They’re the owners of a photography and video production company in Ohio, and they’re hoping to change the way people shoot and share digital images.

“We’re hoping that digital photography and photography with digital technology will have a big impact on our lives,” said Jeff Krover, whose wife is an assistant at the company.

Kodak has been making digital camera images since 2004.

It has offices in New York, Seattle, and Las Vegas.

The Krovers use Kodak digital cameras to shoot and distribute photos for their business.

They also make video and other images that are shared by friends and family.

A company called The Digital Camera Company of America (DCCA) is the company that Kodak uses to produce its digital images, and it has been producing digital images since 2000.

DCCA is based in Chicago, Illinois, and its chief executive, Peter Lauer, is a former Kodak executive.

He joined the company in 2010, and he became the company’s president in 2014.

DCA also uses the digital camera industry to produce and distribute digital images of people and objects.

It uses Kodak cameras to make digital images that people can share with their friends, colleagues, and family members.

The images can be used to create a new kind of digital photograph that is more expressive, more engaging, and more personal.

The digital camera is a small device that allows people to create digital images by combining light, color, and digital photography into a single picture.

Digital photography is the most popular form of photography because of its wide variety of colors, patterns, textures, and sizes.

The quality of digital images is highly variable and subject to changes as the images are processed.

The Kodak DCCA cameras are very small, making them ideal for taking photos of people, and their images can also be used for personal photography.

They have a maximum aperture of f/2.8 and a minimum of f4.

Kodachrome, which the Krovers call Kodak Color, is an image processing system that enables the use of more colors than is possible with traditional photography.

In this photo, the images of the Krover brothers are taken with a Kodak color camera.

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For the Kroys, the digital image format has always been something they have used for both personal and commercial purposes.

“The only reason that I had an interest in digital photography was because I wanted to share it with others, and now I’m very happy to do that,” said Steve Krover.

He and his wife, Anne Krover are the owners and operators of the photography and videography company.

Anne Krovers says the digital format is a big opportunity for the company because it offers a way to share images more widely.

The family decided to create their own company because of their passion for photography.

The business is named after their daughter, Toni Krover Stetson.

Anne says the family is also excited to start a company with a focus on photography and digital imaging.

She says digital photography will help them to take a greater interest in people and the environment, and in their everyday lives.

The couple is looking forward to sharing their company’s digital images with their family and friends, and also to sharing them with the public.

They hope to get the idea for a company off the ground soon.

They are also working to find a commercial partner for the new business, and are working to secure funding to make that happen.