A course taught in Canada has been banned by the University of Ottawa after one of its instructors was accused of promoting “star wars” merchandise.

The course, called “Star Wars” Digital Marketing: The Art of Selling Your Brand Online, was developed by the U.S.-based Marketing and Communications Association (MCA) to teach the course’s creators how to create and sell merchandise for their brand.

The company behind the course, Marketing Lab, said the course was an attempt to help students learn how to sell products in a different way, without selling to the masses.

The instructor, Matthew Hulbert, is a director at MCA, the non-profit association for people who teach online courses.

“We are really proud of this course and what it has achieved for our students,” MCA President John Cote said in a statement.

“The course was not only a great opportunity for students to learn how they can use digital marketing techniques to sell their product to consumers, but it also showed that it was possible to create content that would resonate with consumers and help them get their product into their hands.”

The course includes topics such as the importance of marketing to the online audience, the importance that digital marketing plays in attracting and retaining customers, and the importance digital marketing has in attracting customers to the company.

The MCA has been looking for ways to prevent the course from being taught to other students.

It has contacted the school, but has not yet heard back.