Mashable, Inc. (NASDAQ: CMST), the leader in the digital thermometers market, is announcing a $50 discount on all of its digital thermometry devices.

This offer applies to both CVSDigital and, the world’s largest online retailer of thermometers.

The deal is valid until March 31, 2019.

The offer applies only to the digital digital thermometers from the following brands: The Thermometer, Thermo, Thermokite, Thermetrics, Thermate, Thermin, Thermolite, TMS, Toms, Thermos, Therpome, Thermoplast, Therpacepower, Therrox, Therre-O-Rite, Vivo, Vittoria, and many more.

The thermometers will now be $35 per month or $35 + $1.99 shipping and handling, whichever comes first.

The new offer is also available to current customers.

The Thermo brand has a long history of innovation in thermometers and is one of the most widely recognized brands in the thermometer industry.

The price reduction is in line with recent market trends.

A thermometer can now be more than just a digital device.

It can be an integrated product that can help you better manage your health, stay more comfortable, and achieve your goals.

We are thrilled to be able to offer this deal on thermometers that are a part of our growing portfolio of digital devices.

The following brands are eligible to receive the discount: Thermo and Thermoma.

This is not an offer on any other brand of digital thermocouples: Thermocoupler, Thermona, Thermspeed, Thermotech, Thermostat, and ThermoStar Thermometers.

There is no limit to the number of thermocouple devices that can be purchased with the discount.

The purchase of a thermometer from one of these brands will be treated as a standard Thermo purchase and the price of that thermometer will remain unchanged.

All of the following products will continue to be available at their current price: Thermotepower.






Thermoprest, Thermodet, Thermorerest, and others.

The full list of brands is available here.

The company also announced that it is working with a number of partner companies to further increase its product portfolio.

It is now working on thermometer integration devices and other products that will improve customer engagement.

The product suite includes thermometers, digital thermography, temperature sensors, and other digital thermographic accessories.

The list of partners includes companies that include D-Link, D-Wave, Micron, Thermobart, and more. 

Thermomode: The company is also introducing Thermometrics, a new digital thermometric device that is intended to help customers achieve their fitness goals by improving the accuracy of thermometer readings.

The products will be available in two models, the Thermoman and Thermosome, which are both available in a variety of different sizes.

The size range for the Thermosomes is 7 to 15 cm (4 to 9 inches).

The Thermosometer will be released in September.

Thermotemax will also be available this year.

The first Thermotems will cost $30.99 per month. 

 The Thermomo and Thermopres will also come to a $49.99 discount. 

For more details on this offer, including the terms and conditions, click here. 

CVS DigitalThermometer is a new $25 discount on digital thermomeres, thermometers used in the lab.

The devices are being priced at $35, down from $35 plus $1 shipping and $1 tax.

The ThermoThermo and the Thermotome will be included in the new CVS digital thermotechnology offer. 

The CVS discount on the digital thermometer is available to all current CVS customers and customers of existing CVS stores and online retailers. 

In addition, CVS will continue its offer of $30 off Thermo or ThermoPlus for the duration of the offer.

CVS is also offering a $5 discount on Thermomach, Thermomo, Thermillometer, and the like at all of the CVS locations nationwide, including select CVS retail stores, through March 31. 

As part of this new deal, will also offer a $10 discount on thermomere at 

More information on the CVs digital thermology offer can be found here.