The PlayStation 4 Digital Academy, coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2018, is a platform where PS4 owners can access the best in digital entertainment, including video game movies and TV shows.

The Digital Academy will have over 1,000 titles available for PS4 in its first year, but it is still very early in the platform’s life, with a limited number of movies and series available for the PS4 version.

In an interview with GameSpot, Digital Academy founder and CEO, Michael Belskus, discussed how he plans to grow the platform over time.

“There’s a lot of growth opportunities for us over the coming years,” Belski said.

“We’re going to have a very robust library of games coming to the PS platform, but that library will grow and evolve.

There are lots of great titles coming out for the platform.

And then in the future we’ll have new titles coming from third-party developers.

I think you’ll see that grow as we’re adding more titles to the library.”

When the PS5 version is released, it will also be able to play PS4 titles, but the developer has no plans to release PS4 games for the PC or Xbox One at this time.

Belskin also said that the PS2 version of the Digital Academy would not be included with the PS3 version of that platform.

“We have a plan to have PS2 and PS3 games available to play on PS4, but unfortunately we can’t offer PS2 or PS3 for PS3.

And the PS1 games are going to be available on PS3, but they’re not going to work on PS2,” he said.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan president Masahiro Sakurai also discussed the PS 5 Digital Arcade, which will launch this year.

The PlayStation Arcade is Sony’s attempt to make gaming more accessible to the widest audience possible, and is a new way to play games that Sony has previously released on other platforms.

Sakurai told GameSpot that he expects the PlayStation 5 Arcade to offer a lot more content than the PS 4 Arcade, including new games and titles.

“The PS5 Arcade is a great way to have casual gaming, but also to play PlayStation games for a lot longer periods of time,” he told GameSided.

“There will be a lot that will be available for gamers to try out and play, and it’s something that we think is really fun to play.”

PlayStation VR and the PSVR SDK are two examples of software that will run in the PS VR and PSVR-enabled headset.

PlayStation VR is a VR headset designed specifically for gamers who want to be able see their virtual worlds and interact with them in a more immersive way.

PSVR software includes features like motion tracking, augmented reality, and virtual reality game play.

The PSVR API, which enables developers to develop PSVR games, will allow developers to build new games in the virtual environment, and the PlayStation VR SDK will allow game developers to extend the game’s functionality beyond just gaming.

Sony is also planning to launch a PSVR headset in 2018 with new PS VR features, including PS VR Audio, a headset that will allow gamers to hear virtual sound coming from the headset.