The Digital Blackface: A Digital Blacklife?

article I have never seen the digital blackface.I think it’s a bad term, but there is something about blackface, which is actually blackface in the UK, that I find really offensive.I can’t believe that I am being asked to make this statement in a public forum.I don’t think it is possible to make a proper […]

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Why do we need a digital camera?

A digital camera is one of the best things to come along since the advent of the Internet.It’s cheap, fast and can shoot video in a variety of resolutions.But it’s also not without its problems, as it doesn’t work on all devices and can be subject to overheating.In this article we’ll look at what a […]

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Which PS5 is the best?

Digital video cameras have been gaining in popularity in recent years and Sony’s PlayStation 5 was one of the first to adopt a camera for home use.However, it has been plagued by its lack of a built-in 3D imaging software.Sony’s latest flagship has finally made its way to retail with the launch of its Digital […]

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The 3rd generation of the Hathitrust Digital Wallet can be yours for just $299, $149.99 on Amazon, or $99.99 via Paypal.

Business Insider The third generation of a company’s digital wallet has arrived.The Hathitrit Digital Wallet for iOS is available on Amazon for $249, or through the company’s Paypal account.The app is the third-generation of Hathitrast digital wallet, and is powered by the new hardware that is being unveiled by the company.This is an Apple Watch-inspired […]

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What do the top 20 states with the highest number of children living with parents with disabilities have in common?

The top 20 of states with children living in families with disabilities are all located in the Midwest, with some states having a disproportionate number of adults living in these families.Michigan ranks No. 1, with 11,914 children living there, followed by Wisconsin (11,814), Illinois (11) and North Dakota (11).Iowa and West Virginia, the top two […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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