When I look at your photos I know you are not me

By LEE BERGERMAN, Associated PressDigital blasphemy is a term often used by digital media users to describe online comments that are posted without permission or attribution, often with the goal of defaming and demeaning a specific individual.The New York Times recently had to retract a photo that it published in its print edition of its […]

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How to get to the 2018 NHL playoffs

The Washington Capitals have already clinched their second Stanley Cup in three years, and the Caps are set to celebrate their achievement on the ice.But they may not have any time to celebrate when they face off against the Toronto Maple Leafs in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals on Thursday night.Here are five […]

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What are digital scales?

Digital scales are small and inexpensive digital cameras with a digital image sensor that have sensors on both ends of the camera body.The digital image sensors are designed to store digital images.The sensor can be used for measuring temperature, pressure, light intensity, light transmission, light reflection, and so on.Digital scales, also called digital cameras, have […]

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How to build a digital wallet with your family

If you are looking for a digital platform to store your personal data and digital assets, you may be disappointed.You may have heard of the online wallet, but how does it actually work?What are the benefits of using an online wallet and what can it do for you?Before we look at the benefits, we first […]

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How to save on gas in South Africa

The price of gas in Johannesburg is on the rise again.According to South African Gas, the average price of petrol in South African cities is at an all-time high.As of Monday, the country’s average price for petrol is US$2.30 a litre, compared with US$1.80 a year ago.The average price in Pretoria is US $2.12 a […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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