Why is my kid’s digital watch so old?

A few years ago, my daughter was having trouble keeping up with schoolwork.She wanted to do homework more often, but the school would have her do it once a week.When she asked if it was possible to sync her digital watch with her iPhone, her school told her that the school couldn’t do that because […]

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‘The best digital piano ever’: Why you need one

The first digital piano is now available to download for free. It is a first digital piano for everybody, from the beginner to the experienced piano player.I’m going to try to show you why you should buy one now. This digital piano has the best features and features for a piano you can afford. I won’t get into all the technicalities […]

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Why did the world stop laughing at pi?

The year is 2016, and the universe is expanding.At least that’s what scientists are telling us.The Universe is expanding, and we are all living in it.We’ve just discovered a whole bunch of things about it, but we can’t quite explain all of it.Here’s what you need to know about how the universe came to be.

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Why Samsung’s Galaxy E6 digital thermometers suck: How to stop them from hurting you

Digital thermometers are one of the most common complaints people have about the Samsung Galaxy E digital thermers.They’re notoriously inaccurate, costing consumers more than $20 and causing a lot of problems when they don’t work correctly.They also don’t accurately measure temperature, leading some consumers to wonder why they’re sold in such a small size.Here’s how […]

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