Why digital is not the same as print

The Washington Post article Digital is not always the same thing as print.And that’s why the digital landscape is evolving in ways that are creating new opportunities for print publishers.Digital is a new medium, not just a new way to create information.Digital also offers greater flexibility, greater freedom of expression and more opportunities for consumers […]

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How to use digital signatures to create digital signatures of your digital goods and services

Posted February 03, 2018 06:18:46Digital signatures are digital copies of physical goods and/or services that you create, transfer or otherwise possess and can be used to identify goods and to identify users.They are used to authenticate digital goods or services in order to ensure they are not counterfeit, fraudulent or otherwise illegal.Digital signatures can be […]

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Kids digital watch: What you need to know

Digital watches are the latest fad to hit the US and Canada, but they’re also a new way of tracking time.As digital cameras have become more commonplace, they’re getting more popular.They can also be used to track people’s movements, making it easy to track when someone’s at home, at work or even when they’re away […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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